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Monday, June 1, 2009

~~Birthday Cup Cakes~~

Happy Birthday to AMNI...order from his dad..En. Hafisol...
Rasanya bday Amni nih last wk lagik..sebab cup cakes nih suppose to delivered las week..tapi disebabkan probs yang tak boleh dielak..(my dad admitted due to heart attack..and i blk kampung di johor) terpaksala i cancel kan order En Hafisol nih...Sorry banyak2...Ingat En Hafisol dah takmo la kan since her doter bday is over already..but balik jek Ipoh..dia request nak jugak bday cup cakes for her doter...Anyway ...TQ vr much..n hope AMNI will like this Cup Cakes...
**En Hafisol comments : Amni so happy dapat cup cakes nih..sampai menitik air matanya..Rasa pun best..dah habis makan pon**
-Thanx En Hafisol..saya pon happy coz kingNqueen Cup Cakes dapat happykan orang lain...-

1 comment:

  1. **Hari nih dapat feedback dr En Hafisool..katanya ank nya "AMNI" really like that cup cakes..sampai menitik air mata..Cuppies pon dah nak abes dimakan..sedap katanya..**
    Wahhhh... rasa terharu bangat dong ngan fdbck nih...sebab indirectly dpt happykan somebody...thanx god!!!