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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cupcake..frm future hubby TO future wifey

Salam U olls... Best tak tajuk entry kali nih... sweeeeet jek kan... By t way.. sama mcm cuppies yg dulu mommy delivery tu.. tersenyum2 watkan cuppies nih.. sebab.. mesti bestkan dapat surprise mcm nih.. ada cake + roses + card... By t way TQ to Tg. Muhaimin coz sudi order cake ni utk org yg tersayang.. jauh dia cl. Tak silap dr KL...Dan jenuh jugak la mommy ty2 org.. where is t location?? Taman Juara.. I am not so familiar with Alor Setar area.. dan mmg takde niat langsung nk open for delivery.. case2 tertentu sajorkkkk ya!!!... layanzzzzzzzzzz

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