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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Order from En Adzam to her wifey... RV cuppies. Since cuppies ni utk birthday wife nya so I decide to compliment with rose and bday wish as well... because dia jauh.
Deliver to her wife off (Alor Setar Court). Pn Muzlinda nih lawyer rasanya... 
Sweet n lembuttt jek orang nya... 

I am so happy bake this cuppies... masa tgh buat cake nih hati I pulak yg berbunga2...hahahaa... nak tau kenapa.. sebab dok terbayang sure wifenya sgt happy dapat surprise give mcm nih.. cake + rose + card!!! hehhehee... ('Lovely cake for the love one' lah kataknaaaa kann kann...) 
By t way.. Happy Bday yea Pn. Muzlinda..

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